Who we are

We are a high-level Valencian real estate agency focused on its successful business model and focused on offering a differential service to its owners.
Our journey in the sale and rental of properties comes from the hand of Olivares Consultores, and is supported by our cohesive and trained team, and by the multidisciplinary services we offer.
We are honest and transparent in a sector, real estate, that demands greater transparency and integrity. Our corporate culture encourages collaboration and camaraderie, something that has a direct and positive impact on the operations we carry out for our clients.
We are more than rigorous with legal and regulatory compliance because we know that we mediate one of the most important decisions in people's lives: the purchase, sale, or rental of their home.
We are committed to empathy, communication and closeness. Passion for our work is our motivation to make what is sometimes complex easy.
At OC HABITAT we improve the lives of people who are in the process of buying, selling, or renting their home, making the complex easy. We dignify the profession and explain to the client the importance of fees.

Our Team


Fernando Muro de Zaro
General Manager
Karina Cardoza


Vanessa Rodriguez
Real Estate Agent
Guillermo Arrosamena
Real Estate Agent
Juan Ferrando
Real Estate Agent
Eva Torrentí
Real Estate Agent


Juanjo Alvarez
Director Valencia Norte Office and Rentals
Clara Moliner
Pablo López
Real Estate Agent
Nicolás Darsie
Real Estate Agent


Erika Baixauli
Real Estate Agent
Tamara Belmonte
Real Estate Agent


José Vicente Hernández
Real Estate Agent
Alexia Sandemetrio
Real Estate Agent
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