At OC HABITAT we are able to get the most out of our real estate service fees. We do not skimp on resources, attention and dedication. That's why we don't worry about fees, it's our competitive advantage.
When an owner contacts OC HABITAT, the entire team is activated to make the operation a success.
Because we know what we have in our hands: your assets or, at least, a very important part of them. A house, your house, where you have made memories, where you have lived great moments, where you have built your home. The decision to sell it may have many reasons, but it will always be that house in which you lived those moments.
So we put all our care into making the process easy and safe:
The first step will be an in-depth interview with one of our agents, who will technically advise you on all the necessary procedures to put your home for sale or for rent, depending on your needs and interests.
The next step will be a market valuation using our accumulated knowledge of the area and advanced technological tools.
Once we have resolved the possible legal, financial, technical or any other type of problems, we launch all the dissemination machinery to sell your house at the right price. Because that is fundamental at OC HABITAT: we will give you the market price, the true one, evaluating the needs of the owner, the characteristics of the home and local and international economic conditions.
We will advise you on the image of the home and plan a marketing strategy.
We will activate innovative real estate marketing tools personalized for you and we will include your property in our extensive base of qualified contacts so that the operation is carried out in the shortest time possible.

Una vez tenemos solventados los posibles problemas jurídicos, financieros, técnicos o de cualquier otro tipo, ponemos en marcha toda la maquinaria de difusión para vender tu casa al precio justo. Porque eso es fundamental en OC HABITAT: te daremos el precio de mercado, el verdadero, evaluando las necesidades del propietario, las características de la vivienda y las condiciones económicas locales e internacionales.
Of course, the follow-up, closeness, professionalism, excellence and affection of the entire OC HABITAT team will be present throughout the entire process.
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