How we work

At OC HABITAT we are proud to be real Estate Agents. Because we know that what we do has a direct and positive impact on people's lives.
For this reason, our maxim is to defend your assets, whether you are an owner or buyer, and take care of your money, whether you are going to receive it from the sale of a property or if you are going to invest it in your next home.
We mediate the purchase, sale and rental of properties and this process involves a good number of services. Services for which we charge fees that will only become effective if we close the sale or rental. Your success is ours, it's that simple.
PROCEDURES, A whole world…
Taxes, expenses, contracts, notary, settlements, bonuses...
All this and much more happens in a sale or rental transaction. And that is what we are here for, so that any necessary procedure, as well as technical, legal or legal advice, is resolved. With total legal and economic security.
You will know from the first moment the different expenses and taxes that you will have to assume.
You will be informed, before making any decision, of all the characteristics of the property and the area, possible registration charges, need and possibilities for reform, etc.
We are in charge of advising you and drafting the contracts, accompanying you until the signature at the notary's office.
We help you with the mortgage, we provide you with the contacts of the best financial entities, so that you can get the best conditions.
INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMER, do you want to invest in Spain?
If you are an international buyer, we can help you make investments in Spain
We have sufficient and proven legal, tax and real estate experience and infrastructure to be able to provide the necessary confidence to invest in our properties.
We have extensive experience in the Golden Visa for buyers from non-EU countries.
we are your consultants
If you are thinking about making a real estate investment, you need advice to maximize the return on your investment.
Through our investor consulting service, we provide the best returns in the local market and offer you attractive financing conditions.
what is not seen does not exist
We make sure your property is visible.
We offer web positioning, plans, quality photographic reports and videos that will present your property in an attractive way.
We will monitor your property to assess its relevance.
we make the complex easy
We carry out the study, valuation and calculation of profitability, detailed by areas and types of housing.
We continuously study market trends.
We advise you how to condition the home. An apartment in good condition, clean, clear and well furnished, can obtain a much higher profitability than one that is not.
Tenant search and selection. We do not limit ourselves to checking the solvency of the tenant, we do personal interviews to avoid any type of future problem, if the tenant does not convince us, we propose it.
Specific marketing plan for the search for tenants, based on the needs of the home, professional photography, own client portfolio.
We work with HR departments of different multinationals, investment funds and with “Relocation” companies.
We manage the Energy Efficiency Certificate, required by law.
We carry out rental contracts in compliance with all regulations.
We coordinate changes to the bank account holder or number in the different supplies.
We look for solutions for our tenants for NIE processing, moving, key custody, home insurance, pets, alarms, among others.
When the contract ends, we verify the departure of the tenant, carrying out a physical visit, we formalize the termination of the contract, with the return of keys, inspection of incidents.
Have you noticed everything we do with our fee percentage?
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